Meet D3

Pardon my ignorance – Hadi Sarieddine was a name not known to me in the evening of Meet D3’s Friday events, but I became a fan in less than 15 minutes …you can imagine the kind of musical vibe it needs to convert a stranger to a fan..and yes he is a magical crowd puller. By the time he finished his round of songs that night, he must have had a huge fan following bobbing their heads and humming along with him. Red Bull Music Academy, hand in hand with Meet D3, has done a commendable job in lining up artists like him to the common man who loves and enthuse arts and its forms.


‘Meet D3’ is an annual 3-day festival, celebrating creativity through installations, activations and performances from across the region and beyond. This edition of this cultural extravaganza takes place in the Dubai Design District from 08-10 December 2016. Live illustrations of carpet weaving, abaya making, the Incomplete City of Cairo, Chic Sheep, Light Sowers, Sun Canopy, GIF Paradise etc are engaging and interesting enough to cater every sector of audience, be it family or fashion fanatic.



Cinema Akil gave flesh and blood to the good old silent movie ‘Metropolis’, through music and sounds. It was a different experience and a treat to the eyes and ears. The show-stopper was Narcy, who, like a magician, moved the audience left, right, up and down, just with a snap of his finger. His hip-hop was a much awaited one by his fans. That short man raised his hands, and many hands followed his suit. He swayed his hand to the right and then to the left, blindly followed by the audience. In the midst, he pointed his two fingers up straight and urged the audience too do the same, thus vowing to fight female foeticide, war, racism and all evils that makes this world less-livable. No doubt, a true artist’s spirit is the purest of the souls.


‘Meet D3’ is open for all and is sure to make a wow-impression on people who visit.

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