The Hairstylist at Global Village

This Chinese hairstylist’s activity is one of the plots which stamped our feet for about 30 minutes in Global Village, Dubai. He attracted the attention of a considerable number of ladies (and gents, of-course) just with his unique voice modulations during his demonstration. His idea of bridging his language barrier from Mandarin/Chinese to English, not only worked to his advantage, but also got some HEADS turning to him for a make-over.

The Live Demo of Hair-styling (Photo : Arvind Madhu)

He randomly invited a child or a woman and combed her hair to fix this accessory. His magical fingers played music with strands of hair through knots and curls which gave signature hair styles in a jiffy. His expertise in forming new patterns in hair raised eyebrows of all ladies around. He is basically a seller of hair styling kit and despite his efforts and demonstrations, his sales was not at par with his live, free demos – that was the irony. Who said nothing comes free in this world?

Every season of Global Village houses many such talents that give a new dimension to something we already knew. Beauty with thought interlaced!


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