Dubai Water Canal

In the past one month, the most photographed feature in Dubai must be the Dubai Water Canal. The arch-shaped bridge across the canal, waterfalls on it, water-taxis, light decors over the arch etc had been hitting the social as well as print media ever since its opening in November 2016, and it still continues to attract lots of visitors. Utility with creative and catchy designs is the signature of most of the landmarks in Dubai. One more feather to the list of tourist attractions in Dubai.

Photo by Arvind Madhu

The Dubai Canal is a long water stretch of around 3 kms long, which eventually merges on the Arabian Sea. Earlier it was just the Deira Creek, a big water pond, which got this face-lift that resembles a small river now. In the due course of extending the water body thus creating a canal has made areas of Dubai like Satwa, Downtown, Oud Mehta etc. become an island now.

Photo by Arvind Madhu

Here is a virtual tour of the Water Canal, posted by Crown-Prince of Dubai – Sheikh Hamdan:

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It is often said and most believed that the third world war would be for water. Crisis and shortage of water is a problem being faced by the present world. India, which has an average annual rainfall of 300-650mm, has in its history the loss of one of its mighty river named Saraswathi. On the other hand, the UAE, which has only an annual rainfall of 10mm, has created a new mini-river in the desert. This is a crowning moment for the UAE and is, no doubt, something worth for the world to simulate.

Photo by Arvind Madhu

To reach this awesome place, either head to Safa Park or hit the maps for Gulf News Office. Enjoy the cool breezy promenade with free wifi.

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