Indian Fest 2016

This year winter started off with a beautiful celebration of Indian Culture through the Indian Fest 2016. Al Qasba area in Sharjah hosted this multi-hued festival which roped in thousands of artists representing the multi-cultural India.

The three stages set up on the promenade of Al Qasba, showcased the richness of Indian Cultural Heritage through forms of arts, crafts and cuisines. If one stage had the team playing melodious classical instrumental music, another stage had folk artists of North India on a crowd-savvy performance. Meanwhile, there were dance contests, rangoli competitions, live cookery demos etc too.

In this four-day event, the folk artists’ performance on the final day was a crowd puller. The very loud sound of the Big Dholak (North Indian Drum Instrument), created a sudden flow of people towards that stage, even from the far end of the walk-way. The main singer capitalized the moment really well by composing on-the-spot songs while interacting with the audience. This colorful traditional musical specialty from northern part of India honored the event with its vibrant Dholak beats combined with astute singing and dance forms. This art form which starts with a story followed by High pitch songs, takes over to Dholak beats and dance by duo traditional dancers – it was certainly a feast.

CHATT STALLS – Indian food specialties which included street food varieties of various parts of India attracted more first-timers to its counter. Chatt varieties, which are sweet n tangy, are a unique fusion palette for the snack lovers.

RANGOLI – The Rangoli Competition saw creative design patterns by hand using different mediums like colored sand, granules, salt cubes etc. And not even a single mobile camera enthusiast spared this capture.


The whole boulevard was bedecked with Indian handi-crafts decors and had a continuous soothing music in the background. The booths sold Indian items of crafts and food. The entire area set up befitted an Indian Fair really well. The Indian Fest is infact one of the biggest cultural and art activities hosted by Sharjah.

Entry was free for all and is sure to have left a mark in the memory of all the visitors.

Photo Credits : Arvind Madhu 

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