Dubai Fog

The New Year dawned in the UAE, blanketed in thick, dense fog. Expats and Emiratis welcomed this magical weather with open arms and embraced every bit of it. It was common to see people strolling in the streets, boulevards and beaches to enjoy the heavenly mist, blissfully. By simply walking in and out of the mist, one knows happiness, in its purest forms – opined many.

Photo : Arvind Madhu
Photo : Arvind Madhu
Photo : Arvind Madhu

In many places it extended till mid-day and resulted in reduced visibility. From flights to fishermen to road traffic – it had a far reaching affect in the lives of people residing in the UAE. Many flights were delayed or cancelled or rerouted due to foggy weather, irking many who were to fly on New Year’s Eve.

Photo : Arvind Madhu

The authorities of Dubai and Other Emirates have once again proved their efficacy in handling emergency situations with care and prudence. No stone was left unturned to ascertain the safety and wellbeing of people in and around Dubai. All information was made readily available in the fingertips for all, and every staff displayed the true spirit of this Nation with their readiness to help, without hesitation. Everywhere people work hand-in-hand to get things back on track. Dubai, as always, set an example for many Nations to follow.

Photo : Arvind Madhu

The foggy days are expected to be over in a day or two and signs of the same are on the display. Brushing aside all the discomforts it caused – each one of us will await for these cool & breezy days to recur in our lives here. This simplest of beauty, owes the best of happiness!

Photo : Arvind Madhu
Photo : Arvind Madhu

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