Gold Souq

A street that glitters and is definitely gold – that is Dubai’s Gold Souq. It looks as if Midas has just passed by, touching a row of shops that sell fruits or vegetables or similar goods, thus turning everything into gold. Hundreds of shops, across a long boulevard, that sells gold and its ornaments, displaying a multitude of varieties in design.

Gold Souq is one of the definite places to visit in the bucket list of tourists. In fact, the first sighting of tourist influx in every winter is often made in the Gold Souq. Groups of foreigners, led by a guide holding a flag or a placard to keep them in group is a common sight inside the Souq.

Photo by Arvind Madhu

With the mind-blowing display of watches and the yellow-stone materials in the backdrop, the staff trying to lure and invite the tourist to their shops is a common scene in this gold-street!

Photo by Arvind Madhu

The Gold Souq has some unique elements that attract people. One is the huge chain that covers the entire upper body and the head, completely made of pure gold and small stones. Though one may wonder who is going to buy such huge gold things, well, it is surely an eye-catcher and wow-factor.

Photo by Arvind Madhu

At one end of the street, the Kanz Jewelry exhibits world’s biggest gold ring which has the Guinness World Record, to its credit. The ring named as ‘Najmat Taiba’ (meaning ‘Star Taiba’) weighs 63.856kgs in 21 carat gold. A yellow-stone enthusiast may find items like skirts, jackets etc., made of pure gold. And beside that are the inner-garments with a golden touch 😉

Photo Courtesy : Deve/Flickr

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