Dubai Metro

Dubai Metro is truly the lifeline of this fast moving city, connecting the length and breadth of Dubai in a swift, safe and smooth style.

The Metro operates through two lines. The Red Line starts from Rashidiya and ends at UAE Exchange (Jebel Ali) whereas the Green Line is from Etisalat Station at Al Qusais to the Creek. These two lines intersect at the Union and the Burjuman Stations. Dubai Metro ease your access to Dubai Trams and Mono Rails. A ride in the Dubai Metro’s driverless trains is a close-to-heart experience for Dubai residents and tourists alike.


Watch out for these points, for a happy ride with Dubai Metro:

  1. A Metro/NOL Card is the first thing you need to access a Metro Station. A Standard Metro Card is available at any Metro Station for a cost of 25Dhs. There are Gold Class Tickets and Frequent Traveler Cards too, if you wish to take up one. A minimum balance of 7.5Dhs is needed on your card, for any trip. Top-up options are so easy through Ticket Offices or Vending Machines.
  2. Metro Cards are to be swiped while entering and exiting the Stations. Failing this may cost you a bigger amount of money as penalty or fines. Sometimes a ticket examiner may randomly check your travel card. So better to be safe than to attract big fines.
  3. As you can see near the door of the Metro Trains, there are trails marked for entry and exit. While entering, stick to the sides, and give preference to passengers who are moving out of the train through the middle lane.
  4. There are special areas designated for Gold Class Passengers and for women. Make sure that you are in the right compartment.
  5. Keep an eye on the seat specifications, if any.
  6. Dubai is very particular about respecting the privacy of people and hence photography and videography are not allowed inside metro trains. Also, its better to avoid food and drinks inside the train. Even chewing gums must get you a penalty.
  7. Every metro train has areas assigned to stack your luggage.
  8. Respect others is a buzz word in Dubai and hence use headphones or limit your volumes, so as not to disturb the fellow passengers.
  9. If you are new to Dubai, then the Dubai Maps will be of a great help. They will be available for free at all the Metro Stations. Get one so that you will know where to get down, to reach your destination.
  10. Grab your copy of the free magazine ‘The Read’, available at all Metro Stations, to know the latest happenings and events in the UAE that you may not like to miss!
Photo Courtesy : Arvind Madhu

Take your metro ride during the golden hours in the evening to see how the city and its skyscrapers shine with the golden orange.

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