Food for Thought through Community Cinema

Who wouldn’t prefer a hot coffee over a movie on a lazy winter evening which got glamour face-lift with a slight drizzle? What a perfect winter to remember isn’t, it?

But last evening switched on to a ‘change of perception mode’ for a handful of movie-buffs. Thanks to LOCO’MOTION community cinema, the JAMJAR and URBAN BEDOU for tickling and triggering the social responsibility side of the participants in a not so preaching way.

The free movie event with 30 plus movie lovers in a mini theater atmosphere with cozy couches was comfortable enough to plunge for 2 hours on a movie named ‘LIVING ON ONE DOLLAR’. It started as a movie but ended with deep impression of thought-seeds being planted in everyone’s minds, followed by an honest and thought-provoking discussion by the participants on food wastage and meaningful ways to handle the situation.

Theme of the movie made us realize the importance of food and it stirred our conscience; we are in a privileged part of the world, where we haven’t encountered a food deprived person. But world is not fair and equal with all the humans across the globe. While we thank God for his blessings we must stretch a hand to lift those who need a support.

An excerpt from Mathew McConaughey’s Oscar event quotes concludes it all in 3 power lines :

“…Something to look up to

Something to look forward to

& someone to chase…”

Someone to chase can be someone who expects a helping hand. Appreciate the organizers for their selection and the noble intention.

Photo Courtesy : Arvind Madhu

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