Russian Folk Dance

Dubai’s excellence in uniting cultures of the world is a well vouched truth by those who visited. Every national will have something unique of their county┬átouched upon thorough music, event, food etc. In short, you don’t get to miss the flavor of your nation anytime.

In the recent past, rains in Dubai were the surprising joyful talk in most of the happy discussions around. Many more surprises yet to come to decorate the goodness of the UAE.


Photo Courtesy : Arvind Madhu

These snaps were shot during one of the dance events on a weekend in the Global Village. Russian folk dance is, even today, a very close to heart experience for the people there. Swift movements interlaced with beauty and poise, awe-inspire anyone who watches it. Hand stretches and leg movements are so fast, steady and flawless. The charm of the dancers gets more alluring with the embroidered shirts, silky skirts, colorful aprons and classy hairdos. These Russian dancers enthralled the audience with their grace and their flying movements at ease that is to be marked as signature style of Russia.

Kudos Russia!

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