The Last Exit

‘Last Exit Food Truck’ or ‘E11!’ or ‘Street Food Truck Park’ is a very innovative concept, goes well with the artistic taste of food lovers. The area is set up with the good old idea of a Gourmet Street Food experience, with food trucks being lined up in a multi-hued arena. From Mexican to Local Arabic, the place has in its plate, a good variety of tongue stimulators.


Photo Courtesy : Arvind Madhu

But what makes this place unique is its close connection with the wealth out of waste concept. From the welcome door to the washroom tap, from the chair to the trash bin, every single piece is a make-over of old automobile junk pieces. The tap in the washroom operates when you press its accelerator with your foot! Cant be more interesting, isn’t it?


Photo Courtesy : Arvind Madhu

The place has an ambiance that is at par with a remote resort, which often makes one unmindful of the fact that, they are beside one of the busiest roads in the UAE. The place is also a feast to the eyes of every visitor, especially the ones who love cars and automobiles. The Last Exit also organizes live shows for its visitors. Keep watching their facebook page to get updated.

To reach the Last Exit, drive from Dubai towards Abudhabi on Sheikh Zayed Road and take the last exit, that is, Exit No 11, just after interchange 11.

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