Dubai Fruit & Vegetables Market is getting ready to spread its wings to a more spacious and wider facility at Al Warsan with 50000 plus square meter space. Nostalgic Memories of existing market¬†will be there in the hearts of downtown Dubaiites. Dubai’s heritage started from the shores and its legacy continues with adding more charm day by day.


Dubai’s passion to be the best in all avenues are witnessed and experienced in all its transactions. Every single day starts with a new page of innovations. It very much resembles the aspirations of youth who follow their passion with an assertiveness.


Every expat in the UAE would vouch for the fact that, some of the major milestones in their life cycle were nailed after they landed here in this mighty nation. Every individual’s balance sheet highlights a happiness quotient which is the ultimate to aspire. Happiness street, Ministry of Happiness etc. are a way of life in the UAE.


Getting closer to the stake holders of this market tells a whining tale in a not so loud voice. They are in a cloud of illusion which is predictable in all dislocation scenarios. Moving away from a comfort zone needs a bit of an extra courage but change is inevitable as always.


All changes in life comes with a price and with its own benefits to the chart. Some of the stall owners recalled and revisited the good old memories of their inception in this market. They must have gone through a similar phase along this journey and the present comforts have been created by them with their own sweat and blood, which for sure will be repeated with same set of zeal and passion.


Today’s naughty events will turn into pearls in the memory chest of tomorrow. Certain priceless moments are to be indulged, and recreating or reliving may not be within our reach.¬†Some momentary bits of life are special in its own sense in adding it’s valuable contribution to the pages of life. At times being self centered and gathering those sparks of the moment might be precious and cherishable.


An inexplicable dilemma in some faces tells many stories. Forced smiles and grin vouch that uncertainty is a difficult phase to deal with. Who fails to slide along with the tide is going to be on the other side of the winning table.


Journey will go on with millions of sunsets and rises; witnessing seasonal changes and cultural evolution. Staying tuned to the changes and evolving with it, will be measured as life lived.

Photo Courtesy : Arvind Madhu

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