Giving life to the Rollie’s & Hassi’s!

Thanks to all the lovely people around in supporting Dubai Daily Diary pages. Our slow (or too slow) journey has a reason to smile and pat our shoulders today for achieving a 3-digit-followers’ strength, which is a way too low standard in the eyes of any active rat race group; we enjoy being slow.

Last few weeks our core contributors were on a contemplative mode. Our team has been working on a parallel model to the contemporary story telling regime and polishing their skill sets related imaging.

In short they were trying their hands on a forgotten path in imaging – analog photography mission with a personal challenge of shooting only in different analogue gears.

Honest confession would be, the process of film, enamel, chemicals, developers and negatives before the picture shapes up is an amazing experience. We felt the stories explored through analogue have more life than the output from any pixel machine. We will share those moments and frames in the coming days.

Whole idea of this communication is to thank our small group of friends who continues to LIKE and gives us the motivation to move forward.



Photo Courtesy : Arvind Madhu

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