Single and Contemplating

Photo Courtesy : Arvind Madhu

We get to pass this boat, a silent spectator on the shores of cornice, which stays calm, sways a bit at times and gets back to its position with an ease in a few seconds. Obviously, the strings are just to connect it with the land but not always to control. Light streaks from the sunrise, followed by a harsh and strong sun during the day and the beautiful golden strokes of sun in the evenings; all are being witnessed by him at the same pace.

We as UAEites, don’t we have similarities and resemblances to go with this boat’s life? If not all, many of the frontline workers of the UAE live the same life. Exhausted and exasperated, yes the summer is a challenge and a big swift from our routines. Winter aspirations keep us active and help to digest the extremes of the current weather. Countdowns start from the beginning of summer and it is on and on till the winter takes over with a sweep and sand storm.

Strong summer is a fact of life in this desert nation; accept and encounter it in beautiful ways. Not only with the much clichéd advises of ‘drink more water or less sun exposure’. There are multiple ways in capitalizing and enhancing the indoor spirit of life. Try some new recipes with old combinations; give lemons, mints and cucumbers a new life; shoot more home videos and capture some good odd expressions of siblings and kids; left hand drawings; try your finger nuances at quilling; all Fridays or weekends need not be with outings and malls.

Boats can withstand sun strokes till the next opportunity to move away from the shore; but does our strings be the same, further to the test of time?!

Photo Courtesy : Arvind Madhu


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