The Warp and Weft

Dubai’s skyscrapers awe-inspire the world about the architectural and construction skills of the country, and the foresight of the rulers in fast-tracking the nation’s supremacy as the No 1 country in the world. In this limelight, what is often left insignificant are the warp and weft of the traditions and historical significance of the UAE.

Traditional hand-crafts were the trend of that time when the nation was leaping on its forward race. The walls of every household often heard the sound of crafts like Bedouin textile or sadou weaving or palm basket weaving. Every completed merchandise told tales of the hands that patiently moved in rhythmic cadence over weeks or months. The brimming love, care and compassion in the touch of those hands transformed into the beauty and efficacy of the products.

Photo Courtesy : Arvind Madhu

No wonder that the same hands which crafted the legacy of this country had the same perseverance, love, care and compassion, emulating a model nation for the world to see, admire and mold!

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