Beer Bellies & Shiny Tops

Photo Courtesy : Arvind Madhu

Not a gesture of greeting! These funny responses are common in some of the prominent street walks in Sharjah.

Story goes like this – on certain streets, medical suggestions are offered by strangers to people with shiny heads or a sagging paunch. Don’t be surprised on how these strangers get to deal with this. Truth is, they are consultants for some products and their friendly advices will soon get converted to a monetary benefit.

These strangers from Sharjah street walks have a knack to identify their prospective customers. Key words or a verbal hashtag are their USP. Solutions for baldness or belly flab have its own curiosity for a remedy if offered irrespective of authenticity – that is their attention grabbing key.

After observing a few of their encounters with street walkers, our photographer slowly went close to one of them to really try out some more information with lots of curiosity. By all means he was one of his prospective customers in both aspects.

He was thrilled a bit as a prospect volunteering with a needy look, he suggested a bottle of medicine from a store in one of the nearby narrow lanes and agreed to escort for the purchase as well. On a positive note, the whole counseling sounded so natural like a friendly suggestion.

The moment he stretched a hand to pick the camera our ‘friendly-doctor’ was perplexed and twisted his head to save the face from the lens. Other two who were hanging with him vanished in no time. Next step from him was to cover the lens with his hand.

Convincingly, at times cameras can explore many things which words fail to extract.

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