Open Reflections!

Mirrors are far more than R E F L E C T I O N S – structures, attire, appearance, personality, are some of the popular forms of its usage. History brings light on some myths about narcissus’s self fascination or an admiration towards his self image reflection from water pond, and the physical form of mirror formation and its various forms from there on.

Hand polished metal to outshine and parallel with mirrors are sure a revolutionary Innovation from Kerala’s Aranmula. For generations its finesse in creation is a family secret confined to a very few crafty hands within.

Anecdotes are many about people who find it terribly difficult to part with their mirror before they step out of houses. No wonder, full-size multiple-mirrors on a public space is a welcoming idea! The Box Park of Dubai’s Jumeira arena has one of the most charming walk-ways of the city, with gorgeous and smart people moving about. Who wont love to see oneself in the different shades of sun’s voyage and appreciate?



Photo Courtesy : Arvind Madhu (Devices Used : Leica Q & Voigtlander Vito cl with Kodak tri x 400)

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