The Lives of Others

An ad says, “Our clothes speak volumes before our first Hello”. Perfect for people who love that imaginary white/pink collar around their work culture. Spotless and creaseless dress matched with shining shoes and hairstyle, are their marks. They strongly believe that sprucing up themselves does half their job done. And most of the times they are convincingly true!

Every city or town embraces a cluster of people who are called by the white-collared people as ‘blue-collared workers’. Yes, here also, their attire and appearance signifies their work culture – greasy, soiled, dirty and stained. An OCD person, from their comfortable white/pink collared quarters, may find this as the most disgusting view of their life. Interestingly, many of us bring up kids infusing this thought into their brains.




Photo Courtesy : Arvind Madhu

Altering sides, what do these grease-coated lives feel about themselves or the rest of the world? For them, lunch time, must be all about just washing their hands and finishing up that task of the day. Some of them offer to stay away from a neatly dressed visitor or customer, to not spoil their outfits. For them, the entire world must be most beautiful and exciting.

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