World Photography Day

Its World Photography Day! From a time where every photo required a lot of time for its preparation as well as post-processing processes, to the instantly processed and shared to the whole world era, there is a sea of change. If precision was the key word of the yore image-mechanism, perfection is the word for today’s photo-world. Yes, digital photography has triumphantly given wings to the imagination of every photographer’s vision. The powerful photo-editing tools had fortified them to dream bigger and out-of-the-world.

A time has come where photography is every man’s darling with almost everyone carrying a digital or phone camera device, and no day passes without taking atleast one photograph. Interestingly, every man on the street is a photographer, and any photograph gets reviewed and opinions by almost every viewer. Somewhere along the line, ‘a good photograph’ has become purely subjective and has got a much-diluted tint now.

It has become increasingly difficult to spot a genuinely interested and ardent lover of photography. There are people and groups who still try to revive and keep alive the good old techniques and mechanisms of photography – especially the analog medium. They share a special bonding with the details of this art and enjoy the slow and gradual progress in the photo-making. It’s a delight to see such groups gaining momentum and the manufacturer-giants supporting it by producing more films and chemicals. Signs are favorable for the resumption of the Analogue-Photography Era!

Photo Courtesy : Arvind Madhu

Coincidentally, World Humanitarian Day also falls on the same day!!

Interestingly, this is the earliest known permanent photograph known as “View from the Window at Le Gras” taken in 1826 by Niepce using a process called heliography.



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