The Supreme

‘Man is the supreme of creations’, say men themselves. True, as far as our knowledge. We try to lay an iron hand on almost all elements around us, and attempt to modify it with utmost curiosity and exploration skills. All the new things around us, has a touch of human intervention on it. ‘Conquer’ is becoming an exclusive trait of human race. And wherever we had laid our hands on, has changed for good or bad. Are we balanced enough to handle this supremacy is the question!

Photo Courtesy : Arvind Madhu

One must visit Burj Khalifa for one good reason – to apprehend on how tiny an atom we are in this universe of wonders. The world around is packed with things, huge or tiny, and we are one among them. Intellectual supremacy, without an eye and passion to protect and foster the vulnerable clusters around us, is a futile quality. The more we improve by skills, the humbler our thoughts should be! When we are eco-logical with our surroundings, we are in perfect health and harmony.

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