Dubai Job Cards

Last week, a certified Doctor and an approved Psychiatrist were seen walking from door to door distributing their visiting cards in Sharjah. And they were the fourth team in the last couple of months to be spotted for the same. Holding a medical degree is no mean feat. It calls for out-and-out dedication and commitment, with the perfect blend of love for fellow beings and the readiness to be at their service. It entails an eye for details, beyond the written text books. Adding the prefix of ‘Dr.’ to one’s name is indeed golden. Villages still celebrate the home-coming of a fresh Doctor Graduate. And people strongly believe that anywhere round the globe, a Doctor will find a job with ease. True. But then, why these teams are on the streets in the summer afternoons, marketing for them?

A day ago, this man at the Ajman Fish Market area, was calmly arranging bait on his fishing rod, flanked by a tourist family. His bait pieces were cleanly smuggled away by the fish. He continued to try his luck, unruffled. Couple of hours later, we still found the man unperturbed; but the bucket next to him had a few catches.

Photo Courtesy : Arvind Madhu

Are the cards of job-casting on a make shift change? People hold fond hopes close to their hearts that a flight to Gulf is a quick and sure remedy to their financial worries. The Gulf Coasts are still a hot boiling pot of all careers for any nationality, without doubt. Knowing the right platter to serve the right cuisine is the key. Studying the various work features and matching them with one’s skill sets give the focus on what to search for. Do a bit of research on the companies of various levels on the field of choice. It is equally important to know about the fraudulent recruitment companies as well. And once on the job, play fair and be meticulous. It is important to know that in this part of the world, skills and workmanship is what matters, and not job-titles. As far as the job profile suits your needs and wishes, the country needs you!

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