Cannons with a Peace-Mission

The Arab World, despite of being a fast-moving one, keep dearly to itself the roots of culture and tradition. The cannon is a classic example. Back at a time when watches or clocks were not so common, they served as time-keepers or time-announcers. This was put to best use during Ramadan Fasting Time to declare the time to end their fast and to start the Ifthars. The reel of technology has now brought in front of us the world clock itself, but the Arab Culture and Tradition has never let go of these prized possessions of the yore. They are still symbolically fired to declare the Ifthar Timings. The other-wise war-representative has a peace-mission in this region!


Photos by Arvind Madhu. Taken at one of the Heritage Sites in Sharjah. (Device Used : Zenit TTL with 500 f8)

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