Celebrating Emirati Women’s Day

It looks like a beautiful dream! The Emirati women are celebrating themselves with reasons enough! And people from the different platforms of life swarm in to pay respect, admiration and applauds! Celebrating the womanhood is, undoubtedly, a big and loud answer to the world who thinks that woman in this part of the world I purely decorative. Newspapers and media are flaunting the women who lead from all sectors of the society. One cannot watch without awe the contributions of Emirati women in the building up of this nation and fast-tracking its progress.

Expats and native people agree one thing common – Dubai is one of the safest countries in the world for women. And the strong presence of women in the major initiatives of the country, be it business or service, is a true honour and giving-back to this safety and trust bestowed by the nation.

The country is a haven for people who chase their dreams, to say specifically, artists. It opens a perfect breeding ground to initiate, learn, practice, exhibit and earn, your dream run! The two friends who do ‘water-painting’, a rare art is much welcomed in any events. They are even ready to explain the art to people who love to give it a try.

Photos by Arvind Madhu

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