Taste and Twist with Istanbul Icrecreams

All over the world, its only 1 out of 10 people, who may say “I don’t love ice cream!” Probably the most loved and most adored food item in the world! Its a common sight to see mothers dragging the little ones away from the ice cream shelves of supermarkets. There are even debates on the preferred flavour predicting the personality of the person. But invariably, people agree one thing – every icecream touching the tastebuds resuscitate that little kid within, long forgotten.



The fun of childhood revisiting through an icecream gets an extra effervescence in the stalls selling ‘Istanbul Icecreams’. The icecream seller allows you to choose your flavour and get a scoop on a cone and prepares the scoop at the edge of a stick. He extends it so heartily and we reach to it with a drool. Between the fingertip and the cone, he sways the stick and act as if he is seriously repairing it. We wait. He extends it a second time. There is nothing to doubt him and we too reach for it. At a micro-millimetre distance there it sways again and goes back to the seller. It comes and goes back and sways and swoosh many times till we are tired of laughing. And then he presents it with all the love of the world.

Dubai has many stalls of Istanbul Icecreams and its fun to watch people’s reaction to the game. No matter what their mental make be, they all fall for the invitation by the seller to relive the kid-kingdom once again.

Photos by Arvind Madhu

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