Bottled Sand Art

When sand is in plenty, why not practise the art in its various permutations and combinations? And the price of patience and persistence is nothing but a beautiful, precious, hand-made, personal piece of art! The Bottled Sand Art, believed to be inspired by the multi-hued sand and rocks of Jordan’s Petra Mountains in the 1940s, is a perfect gift idol for tourists.



Interestingly, post-1860, a deaf and mute artist by name Andrew Clemens became famous for his craft of creating unfixed pictures using multicoloured sands compressed inside glass bottles or ornate chemist jars, says Wikipedia. Probably that was one of the oldest records of bottled sand art. Of all the various sand-art-forms, Bottled Sand Art is comparatively young and is one of the favourite pastimes for people of various categories. The colour powders, mixed with refined sand, are layered on bottles to make this most exquisite design. Undoubtedly, not a cake-walk job. This artist, on the Abra side of Burdubai, does it with style and ease, making it worth to watch.

Shelves hued with Bottled Sand Art had crossed our eyes quite often, but the behind-the-scene experience made to look at it with a freshness of awe!

Photos by Arvind Madhu

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