UAE’s Bull Fight

The peace laden breeze of Fujeirah, especially during the winters, does lure lots of people to its abode. This otherwise calm part of the UAE gets a whimsical make-over by the mid-afternoon of Fridays with the arrival of a couple dozen bulls, at a small ground in the Corniche area, ready to charge a fight. The loud hum and vroom of quiver the entire area around this small ground and a newbie to this area cannot be quite sure if the hefty giant is tightly fastened, or is an inch away in the back, waiting to kick them off. Everywhere you hear them, loud and fiery, impatient to get to the match-ring.

When the bulls are ushered in to the field and brought face-to-face, they kick-start a hone-to-hone fight packed with the best of their energy. Accompanied with high-pitch live commentary in Arabic, the air itself gets laden with a spirit of high energy and competition.


Sometimes, size and sound are deceptive too. One or two giant bulls came in and faced their opponent, only to turn back and run away for life.


Photo Courtesy : Arvind Madhu

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