Sharjah Light Festival 2018

The festival of lights begins in Sharjah. Sharjah is all aglow with the strokes and spots of a million color lights spread all over its wonder-attire. People are booming in to catch up the live light show in the background of rhythmic music. To watch the show : CLICK HERE


The Light Festival of Sharjah is set up at 17 locations and has the works of a number of artists with their own unique styles in each of these locations. It’s a free show, open-to-all, and is perfectly set in the misty veil of the winter evenings.


This 8th consecutive year of Sharjah Light Festival is open till 17th February and will be held from 6-11PM on weekdays, and 6pm to midnight on weekends.

Photo Courtesy : Arvind Madhu



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