Fitness of Passion in UAE

People have their own way to fitness and well being. But being fit by following one’s passion is a rare gift.


Dubai has a special place for people to pursue their passion, whatsoever it be. After a long week, Fridays flavoured with one’s favourite activity to help re-energise, is in the diary of almost everyone in Dubai.


Kabbadi – a name that does not give any clues on its meaning for the first timers – is a traditional Indian game which is gaining prominence in the international arena of late… Played by 2 teams, with a couple of muscular players with stamina and vigor on each side, where in one strong player’s stamina can beat the opponent’s whole team in one stroke, which is the uniqueness of this game. Fitness and team co-ordination are the vital factors to determine the winning of the team.


This team of active youngsters long for their week’s off-day to play a friendly match of kabbadi. They bring along their friends too who support as referees, scorekeepers and cheer-buddies.



Their enthusiasm is so contagious as to stop a passerby and to pull him in.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

May their tribe increase!

Photos Courtesy : Arvind Madhu

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