This weekend trip to Fujairah was worth in refreshing my cluttered mind which was desperately yearning for a change of vision. Plan was to reach Al Aqah beach to freeze the golden sunrise on pebble stones, but I had to kick my own butt for the 3rd failed attempt for over-enjoying the Friday morning sleep by skipping my wake up alarm. Day started with usual breakfast and usual planning with Google search about locations to capture in and around Fujairah to make the trip worth, but ended up exhausted with no clues as always. Then the best strategy was to leave the trip as it goes, with no plans as such ….


By the time we reached Fujairah it was lunch time and again a combined search on Zomato and Google for a sea food joint that is Economical, Best, Easy to reach. It guided us to the best rated (worst) restaurant which I purposely wish to avoid mentioning here. Piece of thought to the food lovers who have Fujairah in their bucket list – Explore and freeze on food preferences /joints ‘on your way’ to Fujairah as the zomato ratings are sure to raise your stress levels. Research on foodie’s reviews or friend’s opinions might be handy.


It was fun rolling the wheels at 50kms speed bar around Fujairah negating GPS direction guidelines. We enjoyed every mini townships we passed and paused in and around. Fishing by the local fishermen using dilapidated Land Cruisers were one of the prominence highlighted about Fujairah and stalled to freeze some frames too. It is suggested to explore the best of those during winters as most of the expat fishermen are out on vacation during the peak periods of summer. It goes like this; one end of the fishing net is tied on the Land Cruiser leaving the other end with a huge net drowned in the water. Length-width of the net is good enough to trick the fishes to be trapped and the ropes are pulled back by the LCs with huge catch. Creating a twisted ‘S’ formation of nets after its pulled back, is for their convenience to roll it back and is also a de-clutter mechanism. Last pull of the net from the shore brought in a combination of huge, medium and tiny fishes of mixed varieties which were jumping, swirling and spinning inside the net – their urge to get out of the trap to settle back in their life-zone was painful to watch. It is best to subside and park those thoughts as the cycle of life goes on with the principle of consumption for survival.


Back to our wheels, towards the Al Aqah beach route, which is around 25kms away from the Khorfakkan fishing joint. It was a nice, calm and clean route which immediately got pinned in to my ‘Must go travel list’ for the following winter. After 20 minutes of drive we have reached & settled under the tree shades of Aqah beach which is visible from the drive way. We stayed in the car as the outside temperature was a bit out of comfort and sticky, and gave us only with 2 options – either to jump and to indulge with the salty bluish splashes and get drenched, or to admire the beauty of its calmness by staying in the shores by stretching your legs inside the car with some melancholic guitar strings in the background … we chose the latter.


Photos : Arvind Madhu

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