The Line Theory

“How can we shorten a line without erasing or removing any parts of it?”, asked an old man. A while later, he revealed the answer by drawing another bigger line next to the previous line.

Life, in total, can be viewed as a collection of such ‘lines’. It’s the careful choice of its arrangements that formats life’s texture and essence as effective and powerful. Choice is purely personal and internal. Emotions and feelings can be thus manipulated so as to help our own selves to thrive beautifully in this world.

This throws light on a photographic tip as well – to show the magnanimity of an element in your frame wait for another smaller element to cross your frame without disturbing its aesthetic feel. And if your genius hands get a brush of luck, then the image will have a perfect balance of various elements that are in its right size proportions.

Photo Courtesy : Arvind Madhu

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