Art of Motorcycles Exhibition

Tattoos are permanent; so are some of the passions! How about talking about something which has got both hand in hand?

Biking is one such thing; it’s beyond passion for many! Irrespective of situations or age, it’s a fascination that never dies. We all can quickly recollect pony-tailed tattooed weekenders, youths and seasoned youths with their hearts beating out through their Harley Davidson’s silencer beats.

A popular bike community event ‘Art of Motorcycles Exhibition’ was organized at the Al Serkal Avenue, Al Quoz. Except for the two wheels and for a few brand names, there is nothing much in common among the bikes displayed. The set had a few excellent design marvels, creatively ultimate with a touch of utility and extremely modifications or handcrafted gems. Each of them was uniquely different in their characters. Thumbs up to the petrolheads who add more life to the highways on weekends which are otherwise monotonous.

Interesting and an admirable fact is, biking passion doesn’t draw a gender-based line in UAE. Often Harley’s are loved by both genders and (wo)man-machine combo is on most of the Highways. Even a few of the top gun CEOs prefer to use their bikes for commuting on their work days as a routine, to beat the boredom of being confined inside a car. Of course we can’t deny truth about the convenience of handling a two wheel machine which has its own advantage. In a place where car population is more or less equal to the human population, who doesn’t want change….?

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Photo Coverage by Arvind Madhu

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