Corona too shall pass!

Corona is a season. This too shall pass!

Every year the world witnesses various diseases claiming lives of millions of people, most of which seldom gets our attention. It’s a part of the world; it’s a part of our lives; it’s a part of the daily regularities. When Corona itself is nothing more than flu, why does it get so much of attention and panic round the globe?

Corona, renamed as Covid-19, is a viral infection which left unattended can pose a threat to life. Elderly and people with heart diseases or asthma conditions or diabetics are vulnerable to get a deadly blow of Corona viruses. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a powerful antibody found against Corona aka Covid-19, thus far. The World Health Organisation has characterized Corona as a Pandemic. Still, it claims less lives and has a very low mortality rates. Thanks to the angels of Medical Field and to their untiring efforts!

Corona aka Covid-19 has become popular for its quick spread among people. News and illustrations of various sorts started popping up every time we sneaked in to cyber world, giving a wide range of Dos and Donts to stay safe from the infection. The flooded information resulted in deserted streets and public spaces, urging common man to stay indoors under self-quarantine and safety.

Every netizen is aware about the various protocols to be taken up responsibly at this hour. Rely only on authentic information from your country’s Government Bodies or from the World Health Organisation website. Stay safe!

Corona is a season and this too shall pass!

(Image Courtesy : Wikipedia)

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