Wash Your Hands & Sing Your Song!

Though the world is literally on a quarantine, the continuous alerts of safe hygienic practices and awareness strategies are being shared almost every micro-seconds! Public are well aware of how to self-isolate and how to avoid high-risk situations.

Hand hygiene techniques are coming up on our timelines almost every hour from various sources.  A proper hand hygiene requires a series of steps to be followed using soap and water for 20 seconds, followed by drying.

handwashing by who
Image Courtesy : WHO

Clearly, a quick hand-wetting is not sufficient to chase the virus away. Rub the hand well enough with soap and water continuously for 20 seconds to ensure complete hygiene. One can count from 1 to 20 to complete this duration. To ease this counting strategy the ‘sing Happy Birthday song twice’ waved globally, with a clean 20 seconds.

Now a teen in England, named William, has come up with a website where you can choose your favorite song which will create a customized hand-washing infographic with the lyrics of that song. The site ‘Wash Your Lyrics’ thus turns a mundane job to an enjoyable one, this corona-season!


Try singing your favorite movie song in your regional language too!

Meanwhile, lets spare a little attention to our natural resources too. The 20-second handwash neednot have the tap running throughout the duration. Once you wet the hands, close the tap and follow the procedures. Lets save water!

(Featured Image Courtesy : Getty Images)

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