Kids’ Safety during Corona

When the KHDA and Ministry of Education announced the closure of all educational institutions, parents did panic at first. The queries that appeared as comments beneath the official announcements, ranged from anxiety of positive cases identification in schools, to how to safely keep kids at home when offices are still up and running for parents. The move of the Government Bodies in handling the queries with patience and knack, and in reassuring the safety of kids is worth a thumbs-up! This early and timely move has played a vital role in controlling the spread of disease in the Emirates.

The Government Bodies published kid-friendly illustrations and activities to raise awareness among kids about the magnitude of the situation and to encourage safe practices among them.

The FAQ and Answers by KHDA is worth a read to clear the air of any doubts for educationists and parents alike. Sensitizing kids on the important measures being undertaken by the Government Bodies to ensure their safety is very important to instill a responsible-self in them.

(Featured Image Courtesy : Huffington Post)

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